Ray Mistinger

Hey there guys, 

Thanks for joining me here on the site which lets me show off my passion for the pastime we all love, fishing. www.Mistinger.com is all about fishing - it's one of the world’s most entertaining, challenging sports and that's exactly why we like to talk about it here. I'm based in the US (Illinois to be exact) but I've been fortunate enough to fish all over the world catching bass in the UK, barracuda in Australia, trout here at home and carp on the Danube delta.  

Why did I create this blog? Well even those who love fishing and know a thing or two about it can get caught out by the vast amount of equipment available on the market today. I want to be your expert guide to make sure you pick up the right equipment for your needs, whether that be rods or reels, I want you to have confidence when you cast your line out into the water! I'm always looking for ways to connect with fellow fishing fanatics so please reach out if you have any question or just want to talk about fishing!